Membership includes 

  • Membership into the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Club (AWSC) $10 per year
  • Monthly club newsletter September thru April (via e-newsletter link)
  • Wisconsin Snowmobile News Magazine (7 issues per year September thru March)
  • Club voting rights
  • Discounted trail pass

To get your trail pass you will need:

1.) Your AWSC Number
2.) Your Sled Registration Number(s)
3.) Visa/Master Credit or Debit Card

Click here to order your trail pass online
All Snowmobiles will require Registration & Trail Pass

  • Wisconsin Registration¬†$30¬†for 3 year period
  • Trail Pass Costs for Wisconsin Registered Sleds
  • $10 each year for members of a WI Snowmobile Club AWSC affiliated
  • $30 each year for non club members

Trail Pass Costs for Non Wisconsin Registered Sleds

  • $50 each year

More info on trail pass click here.

Membership Form

Join us for the following activities: Snowmobile Trips, Local Club Rides and Summer Picnics

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